Dear ActivEX,

Our beloved Labrador, Amy, suffered from chronic pain due to arthritis. We have tried everything to try to ease her suffering including the very expensive Rimadyl and Deramaxx. When neither of these medications seemed to provide the relief she needed, we began supplementing them with Synovi G3 Chews (also very expensive) and then added safety coated Aspirin as well. Unfortunately, Amy was still in a lot of pain. We then tried replacing the Synovi Chews with a joint supplement that included hyaluronic acid. Still, she found no relief.

We began to think that the only humane option for our sweet Amy was euthanasia, when we discovered Actisyn White Willow Bark Formula at a Trade Show. I had heard about the powerful affects of willow bark, so I was intrigued, and started Amy on the Formula along with the Actisyn Glucosamine Formula immediately.

Within a few days, my husband and I began to notice a familiar spring in Amy's step, and in less than a week she was actually running to greet us again! When my parents came to visit us, they immediately noticed the difference, and were so happy to see Amy getting around again! It is also worth mentioning that Amy loves the taste of the Willow Bark Formula and gobbles it up like a treat. I can't express the gratitude we feel! Thank you very much for a product that actually works!

Leslie Hait


Dear Barry,

Dr. Geoff Vernon has been one of the veterinarians for both the United States and Canadian Equestrian Teams. He is a common figure at Olympic, Pan American and World Equestrian Games as well as at top international show jumping competitions.

"I have ben using ActivEX Products for over 10 years. They are reliable, easy to use and offer consistent results. The ActivEX Topical Pain Reliever is simply the best on the market and produces great results," writes Dr. Vernon.


Dear Brock Animal Health,

My dog Ryan is a 9-year old yellow Lab with multiple health problems. The most prominent problem is arthritis.  She has had bilateral ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery on her back legs.  Then she developed arthritis in the front legs bilaterally.  All of this combined made walking a painful process.

We have tried multiple non-prescription and prescription drugs for main relief with Ryan and nothing seemed to ease her discomfort.  We could not give her aspirin because she would develop upper gastrointestinal bleeding.  When I decided to try Actisyn Natures Aspirin, I really did not think it would help her.  But help her it did. She is able to walk around without pain and she has no gastrointestinal distress.  She now enjoys a daily walk as she did in the past.

I highly recommend this product Actisyn Natures Aspirin for those who truly love their dogs and want to increase the overall quality of their dog’s life.


Patricia A. Casey


Dear Brock Animal Health,

Our strongest compliments to your company for finally manufacturing a hoof-repair, hoof-growth product that actually works.  We have been using many different products over the years and this is by far the only product that actually works.  Our blacksmith is amazed and very pleased.  We deal with high-dollar show horses that need to be worked on a very regular routine day in and day out and when they have no hoof it is impossible to keep them in the proper winning condition.  We strongly recommend this product for any horses with hoof problems.

Doug and Sue Schembri
Char-O-Lot Ranch

Dear Brock Animal Health,

We have been using Activex Hoof Builder for two years now.  We have a horse with extremely shelly feet, ‘Spike’ who weighs 1400 lbs.  We have tried several of the biotin products out there with no improvement.

I just want to let you know that the Activex Hoof Builder has kept his feet together for the first time in his life and has kept his shoes from just breaking off at the nail holes.  Our farrier is just as thrilled as our veterinarian.  Spike was shown in Suitability for Dressage and now is just enjoying trips to the mountains in Montana.

Thanks for your outstanding product.

Linda Threlkeld
Montana Chrome Appaloosas
Terry & Linda Threlkeld
Gallatin Gateway, Montana


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