Activex Equine products are manufactured using only the best quality nutrients available. By using premium top-grade raw ingredients we assure that horses are receiving the optimum opportunity for effective results.


ActiVEX Equine Products are some of the most cost efficient products on the market and when analyzed there are very few products that can compete with our amazing cost vs. benefit ratio offered by the entire ActiVEX brand. Unlike most company’s, we can afford to build a better product and sell it for less. WHY? Because we are a dealer-direct company!
Dealer-Direct Distribution = Ultimate Savings!
Dealer-Direct means we do not use traditional distribution supply companies. We sell and ship ActiVEX directly from lab to retail, which results in a 32% average savings on distributor costs. We take these savings and spend roughly half on better formulations and half on retailer savings that they ultimately pass along to consumers and our #1 client…THE HORSE. *No distributors are involved in the distribution of any ActiVEX Products.

Special thanks to our ever-growing global network of passionate retailers, veterinarians and consumers devoted in providing the ultimate quality for their clients and their horses. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and promise a continued effort in total value and complete satisfaction. If you are not already a client of ActiVEX, we strongly urge you to take the ActiVEX challenge…satisfaction is guaranteed! You have nothing to lose but the tremendous health benefits and savings offered by the award winning ActiVEX product line.

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